Sweet Beet Market

11 West Main Street
Bradford, New Hampshire


Summer 2018 Hours

Wednesday-Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday*-Tuesday: Closed


For returning customers, you'll notice we've got a new look going in the market. For anyone who has yet to visit, we'd love for you to come see what we've got going on here in Bradford! 

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New Products

This summer we are very excited to feature some new products, including:

  • Fresh Fish from New Hampshire Community Seafood
    • Every Thursday evening around 4pm and Saturday morning between 9am and 11am we get deliveries of fresh fish straight from the NH coast. Each week we receive haddock plus the catch of the week. We are also starting to freeze some fresh fish, for later enjoyment!
    • Learn more about New Hampshire Community Seafood.
  • Fresh Beef Products from Miles Smith Farm

Our Local Selection

Taste the place. Our market serves as a window into what New Hampshire agriculture and local food production has to offer. 

Our sourcing code

Sweet Beet Market is committed to consistently stocking the shelves with a diverse array of quality products. Our primary objective is to source goods grown or produced within a 30-mile radius of our store, while paying fair prices to producers and providing fair prices for our patrons. We prioritize products that support individual, community, and environmental health.

When bringing new products into the store, we give preference to products that:  

- Are grown or produced locally, within a 30-mile radius.
- Are grown organically.
- Are clean, fresh and nutritious.
- Are free from genetic modification, hormones, chemical additives, and other artificial inputs.
- Limit waste through use of minimal packaging and using recycled and/or recyclable materials.
- Best enrich the local economy by limiting unhealthy competition and filling market gaps.
- Help to diversify, enhance, and extend the local food supply.
- Are made by local hands (and with love).

We are always seeking new contributing producers, trying to round out our shelves and make the Sweet Beet as comprehensive a market as possible. As we develop a more comprehensive supply, our reach will expand to a statewide and even regional level, all in the effort to support viability and food security in our local community, state of New Hampshire, and surrounding New England region. 

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fresh Seasonal Produce

Thanks to our many contributing farms, we maintain a diverse and ever-evolving supply of local produce that changes with the seasons. 


Fresh Baked Goods

We work with valued local bakers and have several gifted bakers on our team that contribute to the fresh baked goods selection, in the form of baguettes, boules, and even a variety of gluten-free loaves.


Fresh and Frozen Meats

Meat is an integral part of our marketplace. We have several valued meat producers who supply us with beef, lamb, pork, and poultry products. We are proud to offer humanely-raised meats and pleased to pay farmers a fair price for their work. 

Dairy & Eggs

Raw and pasteurized milk. Yogurt, ice cream, and a variety of cheeses. Eggs from happy backyard hens.

Canned and Preserved Goods

Maple syrup, honey, mustard, jams, preserves, pickles, hot sauce, salad dressing, and more...


kearsarge Food hub and Sweet Beet Merch

Represent local. 

Our Contributors 

The market is what it is thanks to 30-plus local growers and producers from within a 30-mile radius who committed themselves to producing quality goods. Please visit Our Food Shed for more detailed information on our contributing producers. 

Our History 


From Farm Stand...

On July 4th, 2015 we opened Sweet Beet Farm Stand, a seasonal road-side marketplace designed to highlight local agriculture and production, including that of our own farm. 

This was our opportunity to learn how to grow and sell vegetables, as well as establish working relationships within the local food network. And for two seasons, the farm stand served us well! 

Sweet Beet began to make a positive impact in our community, proving itself to be a welcome and necessary local food marketplace and an effective mechanism for making the fruits of agriculture more accessible and the business more viable. 


...To Market!

In the fall of 2016 an interesting opportunity presented itself: a small local company, Unless, LLC., bought the old Bradford Inn - a giant 10,000 square foot building that had been sitting abandoned on the corner of West Main Street for 15 years.

It quickly became clear that this old building could be our new home, a place where we could run Sweet Beet all year long. We struck up a partnership with Unless and moved the farm stand there  where it became a full-blown market.

More than that, however, we share a vision to develop this building into a local food and community resource center for the town of Bradford and surrounding Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area. To learn more about our mission and vision for this building, visit our Bradford INNovation page.