Sweet Beet Market

11 West Main Street, Bradford New Hampshire


Committed to Local.

Consistent year-round access to local food for our community.

A reliable market outlet for local growers and producers.

Source identification, recipes, and kitchen tips.

Inquiries into sustainability, seasonality, and healthy living.

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Our Products

We are committed to providing a consistent and diverse array of thoughtfully sourced products, prioritizing local, seasonal, and handmade goods.

  • Hyper local foods

  • Responsibly sourced regional foods

  • Sustainable home goods & body care

  • Products that inspire: books, art, crafts.

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Our contributors

We prioritize sourcing from growers and producers within our hyper-local network: 30+ producers from a 30-mile radius encircling our operations.

We value these producers not only for their products, but for their practices and presence in the local food system. We do our due diligence to label all items in the store to give proper credit and tell the story of the source.

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Our sourcing code

The source and story of the food we eat is of the utmost interest to us. To truly value the food on our plate, we must understand it’s journey. Our sourcing code is used to ensure that we condone the origin of the products we bring into the market.

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Our Food Shed

We aren’t working in isolation. We are part of a greater network known as a food shed, composed of farmers, producers, food hubs, distributors, and EATERS!

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Food is not a commodity to be produced as cheaply as possible. It is the living matter that fuels our systems.

Eliot Coleman