Sweet Beet Market
11 West Main Street, Bradford, NH


Closed for renovations

Sweet Beet Market will be closed for the whole month of May as we continue to work on building renovations.  Follow our journey on Facebook and instagram (@sweetbeetmarket) as we redesign our market and rebuild this beautiful old building for our community.  Check back in throughout the month for updates on when we will be re-opening in June!


On July 4th, 2014, the Kearsarge Food Hub launched it's pilot project, the Sweet Beet Farm Stand, as an opportunity to learn how to grow and sell vegetables, as well as establish working relationships within the local food network.

Well, two years later and we can say with confidence that the Sweet Beet has begun to make a positive impact in our community. It has proven itself to be a welcome and necessary local food marketplace and an effective mechanism for making the fruits of agriculture more accessible and the business more viable. 

We have grown out of the farm stand and into our new indoor market space in the old Bradford Inn. More than just veggies, our market represents over 30 local growers and producers, offering seasonal produce, meat, dairy, baked goods, canned goods, crafts and more!

We are now committed to being open at least one day a week all year long, moving toward our goal of becoming a reliable, year-round local marketplace. Our hours shift with the seasons, so stay tuned in here for up-to-date information.


Our Local Selection

Taste the place. Our market serves as a window into what New Hampshire agriculture and local food production has to offer. We source from about 30 local producers within a 30 mile radius of the market in Bradford, NH. 

We are always looking for new contributing producers, trying to round out our shelves and make the Sweet Beet as comprehensive a market as possible. As we develop a more comprehensive supply, our reach will expand to a statewide and even regional level, all in the effort to explore ensuring viability and food security in our local community, state of New Hampshire, and surrounding New England region. 

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Seasonal Produce

Thanks to our many contributing farms, we maintain a diverse and ever-evolving supply of local produce that changes with the seasons. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring, New Hampshire's lands are producing something, whether it be in the ground or under a high tunnel. Come visit us to see what's in season today! 


Fresh Baked Goods

We work with valued local bakers, and have several gifted bakers on our team as well, that contribute to our fresh baked goods selection. Our favorites include Blakeney's boules, Heebee Geebs Granola, and Sweet Beet baguettes and cinnamon buns. Mmm!


Fresh and Frozen Meats

One of the most important items to buy locally, meat is an integral part of our marketplace. We have several valued meat producers who supply us with beef, chicken, lamb, and pork products. While the prices of our meat is likely higher than you will see at most Supermarkets, we are proud to offer humanely-raised, healthy meats and pleased to pay farmers a fair price for their efforts. You won't be disappointed when you choose local meat. 


The cornerstone of New England agriculture, dairy and dairy products are key to our market. Our selection includes Contoocook Creamery dairy, and organic milk and cheeses, including raw milk, from Brookford Farm. We are hoping to learn how to encourage and work with more small-scale dairy producers in the future.

Canned and Preserved Goods

What would a New Hampshire market be without maple syrup? This proud tradition is represented by several key contributing producers, and comes in both liquid and candy form. We have other canned and preserved goods, too, including mustard, jams, fermented vegetables, honey, and more!


Local Arts and Crafts

We love working with local artisans and craftsmen to fill our store with as many beautifully hand-crafted things as possible. We have soaps, lip balm, hats, hand-spun and dyed yarn, cards, photographs, paintings, hand-died towels, hooks, cutting boards, books, CDs, and earrings made from real sunflower petals. We consider it an honor to provide a space within which all of these inspired crafts can come together.

Prepared Foods

On Saturdays in the summertime we make fresh and local breakfast sandwiches, featuring homemade english muffins, farm-fresh eggs, local meat, and seasonal veggies. You don't want to miss this - catch us from 9am-noon. We also dabble in other prepared foods based on what farm goodies need to be used and/or processed at any given time, including our famous Garlic Scape Basil pesto.  

Kearsarge Food Hub and Sweet Beet Merchandise

Represent local with our branded items. Coming soon: more items with our new and improved designs!

Our Contributors 

Our goal with Sweet Beet Market is to offer a consistent market channel for local producers of all kinds, from organic vegetable growers to jam-makers to cattle ranchers. The market is what it is thanks to 30-plus local growers and producers, from within a 30-mile radius, who committed themselves to producing quality goods. Please visit Our Food Shed for more detailed information on our contributing producers. 

Our History 

From Farm Stand...

In 2015 we opened Sweet Beet Farm Stand, a seasonal road-side farm stand designed to highlight local agriculture and production, including that of our own farm. For two seasons, the farm stand served us well! 


...To Market!

In the fall of 2016 an interesting opportunity presented itself: two Bradford residents and Hub enthusiasts, Mike Bauer and Mike James, bought the old Bradford Inn - a giant 10,000 square foot building that had been sitting abandoned on the corner of West Main Street for over 10 years.

It quickly became clear that this old building could be our new home, a place where we could run Sweet Beet all year long. We struck up a partnership with the Mikes and moved the farm stand there where it became a full-blown market.

More than that, however, we share a vision to develop this building into a local food and community resource center for the town of Bradford and surrounding Kearsarge/Lake Sunapee area. To learn more about our mission and vision for this building, visit our Bradford INNovation page.