Our Farm

When we started out on the path to building a Food Hub, we knew one thing for sure: we wanted to be active in reclaiming the knowledge of how to grow food responsibly and in harmony with nature.

It all began when several community members, specifically Rob Blank, Chuck and Deb Spaulding, Dabney Kelsey, and Mike and Claire James, welcomed us to cultivate some of their land at no cost to us. It is because of this generosity that we have been able to start up our very own growing operation and really explore the restorative agriculture and permaculture principles we have been researching as solutions to many of the problems within modern food production methods.

Collectively, we have about 1.5 acres across three plots of land. We have a new NRCS grant-funded high tunnel, several homemade hoop houses and A-frames, and a whole lot of ideas for making our growing operations more effective and synchronized. 

There are a lot of new and exciting things happening on Sweet Beet Farm. Stay tuned as we develop our operations and identity!


Stay tuned in to learn and grow with us.



Student volunteers

We have working relationships with local schools to put students to work on the farm. We host kids here in Bradford and can also send people to other local farms! Learn more about student volunteer opportunities here.


Building our farm

We want to share with you our vision, and those that inspire us, of what healthy gardens look like. Stay tuned for more information on our growing operation, techniques, projects, and plans for the future!