Our Sourcing Code


Sweet Beet Market is committed to consistently stocking the shelves with a diverse array of quality products. Our primary objective is to source goods grown or produced within a 30-mile radius of our store, while paying fair prices to producers and providing fair prices for our patrons. We prioritize products that support individual, community, and environmental health.

When bringing new products into the store, we give preference to products that:  

- Are grown or produced locally, within a 30-mile radius.
- Are grown organically.
- Are clean, fresh and nutritious.
- Are free from genetic modification, hormones, chemical additives, and other artificial inputs.
- Limit waste through use of minimal packaging and using recycled and/or recyclable materials.
- Best enrich the local economy by limiting unhealthy competition and filling market gaps.
- Help to diversify, enhance, and extend the local food supply.
- Are made by local hands (and with love).

We are always seeking new contributing producers, trying to round out our shelves and make the Sweet Beet as comprehensive a market as possible. As we develop a more comprehensive supply, our reach will expand to a statewide and even regional level, all in the effort to support viability and food security in our local community, state of New Hampshire, and surrounding New England region. 

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