Multi-use Commercial Kitchen

now open!

To make local food available all year long, we must develop infrastructure to preserve produce when it's fresh. This means canning, pickling, freezing, drying, and preparing foods from the garden in July so we may be nourished by them well into the cold months of winter. 

To close the loop within our food system, we must consider how we can reduce, and make use of, waste at every turn. A commercial kitchen facility functions as a waste-reduction zone, where farm abundance and market excess can go to be transformed into delicious food. It's where the bumper crop of green beans can be canned, where market leftovers can be made into soup for the food pantry, where all the strawberries that would have gone uneaten can be flash-frozen and stored. 

To create more educational opportunities, we must provide the space for learning in all areas food related. In the kitchen, we can learn how to cook, share recipes, and welcome folks of all ages to partake.


food processing & preservation

We have always been cooking, canning and preserving food, bouncing from home kitchens to outdoor grills, and now that we have a facility to do it all the right way, we couldn't be happier. 

There are so many possibilities with a commercial kitchen. We will be preparing foods for Sweet Beet Market, like our famous garlic-scape basil pesto. We will be freezing berries, recovering sad produce and turning it into food, and making meals to freeze and share. Stay tuned. 


Baking fresh bread daily is one of those old community traditions that we would like to see restored. Something magic happens when you combine simple things like flour, water, and yeast, the warmth of a bakers hands, and a little fire. In the kitchen we are dedicated to exploring this magic and its many forms. 

Fresh bread right is available at Sweet Beet Market, out of the oven every Wednesday and Saturday mornings.