Light processing and value-added production in the kitchen using farm fresh and local ingredients, with an emphasis on waste reduction and closing food system loops.

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The kitchen is a place where you can transform simple ingredients into value-added goods. This means lightly processing berries in the summer time by freezing them so they will last all year. It means transforming garlic scapes and basil into pesto. Or maybe turning the tomato bounty into cans of sauce.

These practices make the most of what’s in the gardens and creates financial viability for the kitchen, for those goods can now be sold in Sweet Beet Market.

Waste Diversion

Something like 40% of food in the US is thrown out annually. That is unacceptable.

The kitchen is an important element in a food system because it’s where you can close loops within the supply chain. Often times in New Hampshire there are short windows of time where something is available in abundance. Indeed, too much to use at that time. Light processing and preservation in the kitchen takes that abundance and transforms it into something that can be enjoyed for longer.