Our Food Shed

We think of the lands and resources producing our food, and the channels that bring that food from farmer to eater, as our food shed. As a food hub, one of our primary functions is to orchestrate the components of the food shed to maximize effective production, storage, distribution, and use of our local agricultural goods and resources. We achieve this goal through operating Sweet Beet Market and through restaurant and food pantry partnerships. 

Our Service Area


Our service area is nestled in central/southwest New Hampshire and includes five counties: Sullivan, Cheshire, Merrimack, Hillsborough and Grafton.

We prioritize local goods produced in this 30-mile radius. That means that we give special value to products that meet our definition of local, whether it be sourcing for Sweet Beet Market or distributing to local restaurants. 

As our market expands, so too will the scope of our supply. In the hopes that our store can provide all the groceries one needs on a weekly basis, we will turn our gaze to the state and regional level for certain products that we simply cannot find locally, like whole grains, dried beans and seafood. If we can get our fish from the New England coast rather than from half-way across the globe, that's certainly a win!


We are particularly interested in regional food security; that is, in assisting New England on it's journey to producing as much of the food as it consumes as possible. This means strengthening production as well as distribution channels and storage infrastructure in our region. 

Our work increasing food access corresponds with the work of Food Solution New England, a network invested in helping New England gain more control of it's own food production. They have launched an important initiative called A New England Food Vision: 50 by 60, wherein they aim for New England to produce 50% of it's food needs by 2060. There is a lot of work to be done and we are trying to do our part, with a focus on our local network. 

Stay tuned for more information on this important initiative and ways you can engage. In the meantime, shopping local is the best way you can help ensure local and regional food security!

Our Contributing Producers

We have working relationships with 30-plus growers and producers, from vegetable farmers to meat producers to bakers, within our food shed. Each different kind of production plays an important role in our food system and local economy. When you shop at Sweet Beet Market, dine out at one of our partnering restaurants, or visit a local food pantry, the local goods you find likely come from these folks. 

Stone Ridge Farm
Bradford, NH
A small family vegetable and fruit farm tucked away in Bradford.

Michelle's Garden
Bradford, NH 
A small-scale farm producing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers, potted plants, jam, soap and honey.

Silver Hill Farm 
Bradford, NH
A local family homestead producing vegetables and dairy.

Sweet Beet Farm
Bradford, NH  
A Kearsarge Food Hub vegetable growing operation on 1.5 acres in Bradford. 

Sweet Beet Bakery
Bradford, NH  
A Kearsarge Food Hub bakery, currently specializing in baguettes and world-famous cinnamon buns.

Up on the Farm 
Bradford, NH  
Delicious local pork, beef, veggies and maple syrup. 

Marshall Hill Farm 
Bradford, NH  
Jams, cookies and other treats from the heart of New Hampshire.

Battles Farm
Bradford, NH  
Pasture-raised beef and beefalo, eggs, and hay.

Deer Valley Farm
Bradford, NH  
Local vegetables and honey from the rolling hills of Bradford.

Bible Hill Farm
Bradford, NH  
Vegetables, chicken and duck eggs, and a legendary pizza oven.

Elior Acres
Bradford, NH  
Eggs, turkeys, chickens and goats, oh my!

Kiskanari Farm
Bradford, NH  
Local and sustainable lamb production on a small scale. 

Fay's Raspberries
Bradford, NH  
Little red orbs of deliciousness, perfect for pies, jams, and munching. 

Eccardt Farm
Washington, NH
 A diverse dairy and meat operation, with their own honor system farm stand full of local goodies. 

Kearsarge Gore Farm 
Warner, NH  
One of our favorites! KGF specializes in organic veggies, herbs, flowers, pork, beef, lamb, maple syrup, and cord wood.

Greenhill Collective Farm 
Warner, NH  
A local staple, Greenhill is a diverse, certified organic operation producing veggies, herbs, flowers, some meat and value-added goods.

Vegetable Ranch 
Warner, NH  
A certified organic growing operation, with free-range eggs and pasture raised pork products.

Blue Moon Berry Farm 
Warner, NH  
Vegetables and berries, with a PYO option, in the beautiful hills of Warner.

Heebee Geebs 
Warner, NH  
A talented young lady producing the best granola this side of the Mississippi, offering unique sunflower earrings made from REAL sunflower petals, to boot! You have to see them to believe them. 

Cascade Brook Farm 
Sutton, NH  
100% grass-fed purebred angus beef from the happiest cows in New Hampshire.

Wright Hill Farm
Sutton, NH  
Maple syrup in unique glass bottles. 

Bakery Hill Apiary 
Sutton, NH  
Soap, cream, and maybe a little honey - more bees are the answer!

Springledge Farm 
New London, NH  
High quality ornamentals, vegetables, fruits - a gem of the Kearsarge area!

Terra Organics
Contoocook, NH  
The freshest organic vegetables and the best melons in town.

Mt. Hope Farm
Contoocook, NH  
A new farming operation specializing in veggies. 

Contoocook, NH  
Fine baked goods including specialty boules, scones and other treats!

Contoocook Creamery at Bohanan Farm 
Hopkinton, NH  
A fifth-generation dairy operation on preserved land.

Work Song Farm 
Hopkinton, NH  
A diverse, small-scale vegetable growing operation with an emphasis on community!

Good Earth Farm
Weare, NH  
An organic vegetable farm with an impressive level of organization and precision! 

Micro Mama's
Weare, NH  
Lacto-fermented vegetables, whole food condiments, and botanical infusions. Good for the soul!

Abigail's Bakery
Weare, NH
A local bakery with organic and gluten-free options.

Bread & Batter Bakery
Weare, NH  
A home bakery specializing in breads, cakes, cookies and more!

Brookford Farm & Dairy
Canterbury, NH  
A 600-acre diversified farm with organic veggies, cattle, hogs, chickens, and dairy products. 

Generation Farm
Concord, NH  
An organic operation specializing in artisanal salad greens. 

LaValley Farm
Hooksett, NH  
60 acres of fruit and vegetable production in southern NH.

McDonald Farm
Lempster, NH  
Liquid gold - honey. 

Blue Ox Farm
Enfield, NH  
This 16-acre organic operation produces high quality vegetables in a systematic and reliable fashion. 

Woodland Farm
Newport, NH  
A small homestead producing vegetables and flowers, with a keen eye on tomatoes!

Edgewater Farm
Plainfield, NH  
Impressive greenhouses, rolling fields, PYO strawberries, and their own farm stand complete with prepared foods - these guys have it down. 

Walpole Creamery
Walpole, NH  
Ice cream!

Pete's Stand
Walpole, NH  
A Connecticut River valley treasure - when we don't have corn yet, they're sure to have it.

Misty Knolls Farm
New Haven, VT  
Vermont naturally-raised poultry from just over the border.