Our Products

Our inventory shifts with the seasons, though some staples remain. The produce is always local and seasonal. The meat is humanely raised. The fish is sustainably caught. The dairy and eggs represent cornerstones of local agriculture. Every product is clearly labeled, highlighting the source and keeping our customers fully informed.


Seasonal produce


Thanks to our many contributing farms, we maintain a diverse and ever-evolving supply of local produce that changes with the seasons. One thing remains: we always have produce and it is always local and seasonal.

Summer time is obviously bursting with color, flavor, and diversity, but the other seasons have their charm, too! In the fall, the harvest is in full swing, with winter squash, tomatoes, hardy crops, and summer overflow. In wintertime, there are storage vegetables like carrots, onions, potatoes, and garlic, as well as greens grown in heated greenhouses. The spring sees the remainder of storage crops, plus new growth coming from greenhouses and early crops. Find something fresh, all year long!

Fresh Baked Goods


Sweet Beet Bakery is up and running in our new commercial kitchen (insert high five)!

What you can expect: Baguette and sourdough boules baked fresh every Wednesday and Saturday morning.
What you might not expect: Specialty goodies for holidays, special occasions, and just because!

Other baked goods include gluten free options from Abigail’s Bakery, Bread ‘n Batter english muffins, Heebee Geebs granolas, and even Bryn’s Dog Bones (we didn’t forget about the pups!)

Meat & fish


Animal protein is an integral part of local production and of our marketplace. We work with several valued meat producers who supply us with beef, lamb, pork, buffalo and poultry products. We are proud to offer humanely-raised meats and pleased to pay farmers a fair price for their work. Look for the signs on our freezer and throughout the store for info!

We are proud to work with NH Community Seafood to offer fish fresh straight from the coast. The season runs from April to December, and we usually have frozen options in stock beyond that window.

dairy & eggs


Milk products, specialty cheeses, yogurt, and ice cream.

Dairy is a huge part of the agricultural landscape here in New Hampshire, so we do our best to help keep the smaller operations alive by providing a consistent market outlet.

Plus, New Hampshire cheese is DELICIOUS!


Frozen Goods

With our awesome community-funded freezers, we are able to provide ample access to a host of frozen goods. This includes a wide range of meat products, in addition to ice cream, pastas, bread, sauces and more!

Dry Goods

The list goes on and on for our dry goods selection, including (but not limited to) syrup, honey, jam, coffee, tea, mustard, oils, vinegar, sauces, and grains.



Sustainable home goods
& body care

Our supply includes reusable shopping bags, cleaning supplies, handmade soaps, and many things in between.

The idea is to help us all cut back on waste and harmful chemicals and unnecessary additives in our homes by rethinking disposability, packaging, and conventional products. There is a lot to discover in this area!


Inspirational and Beautiful

We love supporting local artists and bringing beautiful and inspirational things into the store. This selection is always ebbing and flowing as we bring in things to represent the seasons and keep things interesting.

Within this category are things like candles, jewelry, and books.


sweet beet merch

  • Hats

  • T-shirts

  • Sweatshirts

  • Aprons

  • Posters

  • Stickers

  • & more fun things to help you #bringthebeet.