Team Overview


We are a nonprofit organization and as such are owned by no one in particular, but rather governed by a dedicated board of directors who functions in the best interest of our community. The day-to-day operations are carried out by an all-star team consisting of the founding members, some of the board directors, and a few more we've scooped up along the way. 

What began as a vision shared by the 5 founding members has grown into something shared by so many more, and it continues to grow! Our motto is teamwork makes the dream work, and our slow, sustainable growth has allowed for each member to naturally and organically find the role that is most fitting to his or her passion and skillset. 

Beyond our core team, the community continually amazes us with enthusiastic support. We are fortunate to welcome volunteers to our operations on Sweet Beet Farm, in Sweet Beet Market, and within various other Hub projects. 

We envision a local food economy that thrives on community partnerships and values healthy food and farms.

Board of directors

Our board is currently in transition! Stay tuned for updates.

France hahn

Cofounder; Board President; Team Coordinator


"I am originally from Nice, France. I have lived in Bradford for most of my life and attended Kearsarge Regional School District. Throughout my years in Bradford, I spent a lot of time outdoors and learned to appreciate the natural environment and a sustainable lifestyle. I then went on to study Economics and International Development at McGill University, and my time there was pivotal in helping me to understand what it was that I wanted to do. I came to the realization that food and agriculture and many of the problems we face globally are interconnected. After some time traveling abroad, I was incredibly fortunate to come home and reconnect to a group of like minded individuals who were as eager to make a difference in our own community as I was. "

Lauren howard

Cofounder; Board Treasurer; Administrative Coordinator 


"I am originally from Minnesota but spent most of my youth in Kennebunk, Maine. I moved to Bradford to join the ranks of the group that would become the Kearsarge Food Hub. I’ve loved to cook since I was a kid and I spent most of my life working in the food industry. I have seen firsthand the problems that exist in contemporary restaurant culture and commodity-based food system which serves it. As such, I have been moved to address those issues as best I can by working with small local farms and both individual and institutional consumers to provide source-identified goods. Furthermore, my educational background in the biological sciences has lent itself to my increasing interest in agroecology and mycology, which are fields that we are working to incorporate into our own farming operations. There is no single approach that will resolve the many problems we face today. As such, we seek to address the salient issues in our local food system by engaging conscientiously with all points along the supply chain and by sharing what we learn with as many people as possible."

Garrett bauer

Cofounder; Board Director; Kitchen/Bakery Manager


"I grew up in Bradford, NH and have lived here for most of my life. I went to UNH and studied EcoGastronomy (ecology meets gastronomy) & Community and Environmental Planning. I started working in the food system because we all have a relationship with food, whether we like it or not. Currently, we have divided ourselves so much from our food that we have almost lost all meaning to it. At the food hub, we try and change that, and bring more meaning back to our food."

Pierre hahn

Cofounder; Board Director; Sweet Beet Farm Manager


"I have lived many places but none quite like Bradford, which I consider my home. I graduated from Kearsarge High school then went to Syracuse University where I learned what I didn't want to do with my life. So I simplified and after some sincere contemplations went back to nature and worked at Kearsarge Gore Farm for some of the most life changing months in my life. Since then I can’t live without local veggies and love sharing that blessing with the community that surrounds me."

hanna flanders

Cofounder; Board Secretary; Outreach Coordinator


"After graduating from KRHS, I went to Smith College where I studied philosophy and environmental science and policy and became deeply troubled by the disconnect between humans and nature. It became clear that how we produce and consumer food is at the heart of this disconnect, and therein lies our hope for revival and reconnection. I gained experience with agriculture through working on the Kearsarge Gore Farm, seeking out farmer's markets, joining a CSA and writing about how to find, store and prepare local food. I settled in my hometown to raise my family, and some of my dearest high school friends returned home from travels abroad having all reached a similar conclusion as me. We decided to embark on an adventure to redefine our relationship with food, with nature, and with each other through the development of a food hub, a journey I am grateful for each and every day."

Bea ross

Sweet Beet Market Manager


"I grew up in New London, NH and graduated from Kearsarge Regional High School in 2007. I went on to study English at Plymouth State University, and upon graduating made the decision to fulfill my dream of working for AmeriCorps. I moved to Knoxville, TN where I served two terms with CAC AmeriCorps in the University of Tennessee recycling department. While there, I developed a passion for graphic design, coordinating zero waste events, and managing the composting operations for the university dining facilities. Following my terms with AmeriCorps, I worked in landscaping before I decided to return to New Hampshire to join some of my closest friends in the mission revive the local food movement."

kathleen bigford

Board Vice-President; Volunteer Extraordinaire; Team Mom


"It is an honor and a pleasure to serve as vice-president of the creative, exuberant whirlwind that is the Kearsarge Food Hub. Having known three founders since their childhood and as a member of a different demographic, it is such a pleasure to see these "kids" return to our community with a passion to create a viable local food venture. I bring a fervent interest in food networks, gardening, business, education, eating (they are all excellent cooks), and, yes, a little den mothering."

Nico Hebert

Wildlife Coordinator; Teammate Supreme 



Director of Human Resources


"Bow wow wow, wow wow bow. Bow."

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