We are standing on the shoulders of giants and gratefully receive advice, information, and guidance from a host of inspiring gardeners and farmers who share our passion for regenerative agriculture.


Ben Hartman

Clay Bottom Farm &
The Lean Farm System

The lean system is one that cuts out the muda to get to the real value of our work.

“Complexity is the enemy of lean. We are always on the lookout to simplify our work.”

The Lean System is a Japanese invention designed to cut out waste and increase profits with less work! This design-heavy and reflective approach resonates with our work in all branches of the hub.

Jean-Martin Fortier

The Market Gardener


A recognized authority on small-scale organic vegetable production, he has inspired hundreds of thousands to embrace a vision of agriculture that is human-scale, ecological and profitable. 

eliot Coleman

Four Season Farm
Four Season Harvest


Four Season Farm is an experimental market garden in Harborside, Maine.

Owned and operated by farmers and writers Barbara Damrosch and Eliot Coleman, Four Season Farm is managed by Clara Coleman with her partner, Charles Finks.

The farm produces vegetables year-round and has become a nationally recognized model of small-scale sustainable agriculture.

Permaculture Design

We have been inspired by the 12 principles of permaculture to build good design into the farm.