In the Media

Learn more about the Kearsarge Food Hub by exploring some of the experiences we've had working with local media outlets. 


Slow Living Summit

May, 2018

The Slow Living Summit is a remarkable event designed to bring people together, slow it all down and ask an important question: How can you create and grow a resilient food business that affects your community in a positive way, while supporting your family?

We are honored and excited to present at this conference alongside renowned voices and leaders such as Chuck Collins and Charles Eisenstein. Check out a preview in this extended interview session. 

It was such an honor for NH Chronicle to visit us and take interest in our story. We are so pleased with how the piece turned out!

They happened to be visiting on a day with lots of fun things happening for the Hub, including a Bradford 1st grade farm visit, a farmer's market for the VA medical center, and delivery day at Sweet Beet Market. 

Check it out here

NH Chronicle

November, 2017

Bradford INNovation Campaign

Summer 2017

In the summer of 2017, we launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for our new project in the old Bradford Inn. Check out our campaign video to learn all about it!

Kearsarge Chronicle Interview

July, 2017

In the summer of 2017, hub member Hanna Flanders sat down with the folks at the Kearsarge Chronicle to talk about what a food hub is and how the Kearsarge Food Hub got started. 


August, 2017

YCN Now made a very cool video about the Hub to explore the roots of our organization and the new beginnings in the Bradford INNovation Project. Check it out!