How our Grow With Us Monthly Giving Program will create positive change.

How your monthly gift will impact us

  • Sustainability: We are talking about building sustainable systems within the food system and in the community, and that means our organization must also embody this principle. As a nonprofit, we are asking for the community to support us financially because our work is based in serving our community. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Financial Health: A monthly giving program allows us to craft sound and realistic budgets, providing a solid foundation of predictable income.

  • Consistency: The programs we run on the farm and in the market both are subject to seasonal fluctuations in this great state of New Hampshire, where activity and income varies from season to season. Consistent monthly contributions equals capital we can count on, all year long.

  • Resilience: True resilience lies in diversity. The more people we have committing to see our vision come to life, the stronger our efforts become. It’s the same principle that holds true on the farm, or any ecosystem really. There is strength in variation, in diversity, and in numbers. Your monthly pledge is the ultimate commitment to resilience.

  • Accountability: When you sign on to support us through a monthly donation, we become responsible to continually update you on how that money is being used to bring our vision to life. This creates accountability to the community we serve, to our mission, and to our team (which includes you!)

  • Practicality: Giving monthly ensures that contributions are coming in regularly with less time fundraising on our part.

  • Participation: The troubles we face today are real, and certainly can be overwhelming, but distressing to the point of inaction just won’t do. We all have a responsibility to contribute to solutions. That’s what our work is about, day in and day out. A monthly gift is an easy and impactful way to participate in this important work and make a difference.

How becoming a monthly donor will impact you

  • You’ll get a welcome package! We’ll welcome you to the team with a small but lovely package of merchandise to help remind you about the work we’re doing and why it’s important.

  • We’ll keep you in the loop. You’ll receive consistent updates and insights into how we’re using your investment to further our mission.

  • You’ll be the change. You will directly contribute to the efforts of a grassroots nonprofit working to improve the world and create positive change from the ground up. Think global, act local.

  • You’ll have some peace of mind. A community supported restorative food system really does address a host of issues that share common roots. If you want to contribute to solutions in areas like climate change, human health and happiness, and economic stability, this program is for you.

  • You’re seeding a better future. We all have a vested interest in supporting a better future for the world we live in. Supporting our vision means contributing directly to the health and wellness of planet Earth for generations to come.

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The change we seek to make

We have big plans for the future, including:

  • Developing more ways to provide support to local farmers in areas like business development, technical assistance, building infrastructure, and sharing resources.

  • Experimenting with ways to provide our commercial kitchen as a resource to more food-based businesses in our area.

  • Exploring how we can reduce and hopefully eliminate plastic waste associated with food production and packaging.

  • Expanding our collaborations with schools to incorporate more grade levels into our farm and food-based educational programming.

  • Facilitating the creation of more distribution infrastructure.

  • Nurturing partnerships that get more local food get into the community, specifically through untapped channels like institutions, schools, and restaurants.

  • Advancing increased food security in the region by

    • increasing distribution to local pantries;

    • accepting SNAP/EBT in Sweet Beet Market;

    • experimenting with renewable resources and sustainable practices to grow food all year;

    • making use of food waste;

    • helping the Kearsarge region to contribute to the regional goal of producing 50% of its own food by 2060, as part of A New England Food Vision, put forth by Food Solutions New England.

      • We are a long way from the food sovereignty that we seek.

      • New England imports about 90% of its food from the global food system.

      • Small efforts throughout the region will add up to success.