How We Grow

The trend of industrial agriculture is to treat food like a commodity and the land like a factory. We are pushing back against this trend by employing practices that respect the land and are able to provide nutritious foods for generations to come.

We also aim to increase the viability of agriculture in New Hampshire by exploring year round growing.



We grow on several small fields through Bradford. We began on a few different plots generously lent to us by supportive community members. We are now slowly consolidating our operations on our very own piece of land on West Road. The fields are designed in the style of Jean, composed of 30 beds running from north to south.

High Tunnels & Greenhouses

We have two NRSC funded greenhouses on the farm, and a couple other hoop houses and high tunnels. These structures are essential for season extension and year-round growing.

We are very excited to be exploring the use of heated greenhouse to produce greens all year long. This donor-funded project is called Greens 365.



Regenerative agriculture

Building soil. Avoiding pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers. Organic practices through the use of:

  • Cover crops

  • Crop & field rotation

  • Organic inputs: Compost & natural soil amendments

  • Integrated Pest Management

*Note: We are NOT a USDA certified organic farm, but do operate under a RealOrganic model.


Quality over quantity! The right tools are better than too many tools. According to the lean farming system, keep only the tools you actually use, and keep them handy so you don’t waste time searching for them.

  • BCS Tractor

  • Broad Fork

  • Seeder

  • Select hand tools: bow rake, hoe, wheel hoe