How to Give

We fully understand that finding the time and the budget to give charitably can be a challenge. Luckily, multiple giving levels and automatic monthly donation withdrawals should make our Grow with Us monthly giving program accessible to everyone.

KFH Monthly Giving Program.png

Finding the time

With our monthly giving program, your contribution is automatically transferred from your bank account to ours each and every month. You set up your gift only once. With this stream of income, we can carry out our mission and serve our community with no inconvenience to you. It’s a win win!

Budgeting to give

Through the Grow With US Monthly Giving Program, you can make a big impact with a budget comparable to what many of us regularly allot to common goods and services.

  • Streaming Services: Netflix and Amazon cost between $9 and $16 a month. For the price of enjoying your favorite media, you can contribute to creating positive change in our local food system that benefits the whole world.

  • Trash Removal: People pay good money to have their waste removed from their homes. This service can cost anywhere from $10 to $50 a month. That level of support for our work makes a big difference to us.

  • Monthly Coffee Budget: If you purchase coffee out every day of the work week, you’re likely spending anywhere from $10 to $25 per week on sweet, sweet caffeine. If you can give up just a few days of this, you could easily have an extra $30 per month to support our mission.

  • Other Nonprofit Gifts: Nonprofits exist because of the generosity of their supporters. The average NPR one-time gift is $61 on an annual basis. If you translate that to a recurring monthly gift that would be about $5 per month.