Grant Projects

As a nonprofit organization, grant funding is an important aspect of our operations. We use these grant opportunities to explore topics relevant to our development and the improvement of the local food system

2017-2019 Local Food promotion program

Kearsarge Area Value Chain Assessment and Action Plan for a Resilient Local Food Distribution Enterprise.


The Kearsarge area finds itself with an imbalanced supply and demand of local foods. On one hand there is strong institutional demand, and on the other is an uncoordinated supply which lacks the resources to overcome the obstacles it faces. This project proposes to help connect institutional markets and small-scale local producers within a 30-mile radius of Bradford, NH by assessing existing infrastructure, current institutional activities and producer capacities, and potential opportunities for expansion by planning for a wholesale local food transportation enterprise.  One of the goals of this project’s strategy of intensive and in-person engagement of key players of the NH food shed is to lay a foundation for a platform of discourse and collaboration, which are pivotal elements of a resilient local food system.

The expected outcomes of the project are threefold:

(1) Area Value Chain (Needs and Opportunities) Assessment

(2) Collaborative Statewide Focus Group and Resulting Action Plan

(3) Business Plan for Wholesale Distribution Enterprise

2016 Rural Business Development Grant

Providing technical assistance for the local food system through funding workshops and educational opportunities for farmers and producers.