We believe...

...that a resilient local food economy is based in responsible land and resource use, sustainable business practices, and collaboration between all players. 

As gardeners and aggregators of local food, our wellbeing depends on clean water, fertile soil, fresh air, and the regenerative natural systems that make food possible. Likewise, those of us pursuing farming and food production as a career, as with all careers, depend on a fundamental element of business savvy to make the operation sustainable over the long term. 

As eaters, we all depend on a robust environment, sustainable agriculture, and a viable food economy to meet our basic human needs and those of our children, grand children, great grand children...


growing food

We are seeking to reclaim knowledge of how to responsibly grow food by operating Sweet Beet Farm, a small farm dedicated to researching and implementing regenerative farming techniques. We have special interest in permaculture principles, systems thinking, restoration agriculture, and the journey of food from farm to market. 


preservation & processing

One area in particular where we see tremendous potential for amplifying food security in our area is local food preservation and processing. That is why we are currently focused on getting a shared-use commercial kitchen up and running in Bradford. 


Sharing Resources

A healthy food system and community depend upon a network of connections within them, woven together like a web. These connections are strongest through collaboration and  sharing resources like knowledge, infrastructure, and ideas.