We believe...

...that a resilient local food economy is based in responsible land and resource use, sustainable business practices, and collaboration between all players. 

As gardeners and aggregators of local food, our wellbeing depends on clean water, fertile soil, fresh air, and the regenerative natural systems that make food possible. People who pursue farming as a career also depend on a fundamental element of business viability to make their operations sustainable over the long term. 

As eaters, we all depend on a robust environment, sustainable agriculture and a viable food economy to meet our basic human needs and those of our children, grand children, great grand children...


growing food

We are seeking to reclaim knowledge of how to responsibly grow food by operating a small farm dedicated to researching and implementing regenerative farming techniques. We have special interest in permaculture principles, systems thinking, and restoration agriculture. 


Sharing knowledge

We are dedicated to creating connections within the local food network for sharing knowledge and resources pertaining to best practices and business development. We sponsor and support educational opportunities, and are crafting a virtual platform for sharing key resources right here on our website. Stay tuned.


land & resources

Members of our group sit on the Merrimack County Conservation District and the Bradford Planning boards, key municipal partnerships through which we advocate for the protection and management of resources and the support of regenerative local agriculture.