Community Partners



This organization has been one of our biggest advocates and sources of support. We are currently helping to carry out, and benefiting from a USDA grant-funded, MCCD-sponsored, Business Development Workshop Series, the goal of which is to connect local producers with relevant information and tools to help increase business viability. 


The majority of our members are Kearsarge graduates, and as such we have a special place in our hearts for this local school system. We work first graders all the way up to high school students, trying to do our part in getting the education system involved with regenerative, local agriculture and healthy eating habits. 

Colby Sawyer College

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The UNH Cooperative Extension

This organization and its dedicated staff support our local food network in many ways. They provide a wealth of resources for business development and farm management. They have experts who eagerly assist with agricultural development, implementing best practices, and solving common farm problems like dealing with pests, disease, and drought conditions. We have partnered with them for workshop opportunities and utilized their services in the realms of both business development and farming advice. Check out their incredibly helpful website below.

New London Hospital

We want to see local food and healthy eating habits embraced by the care givers and institutions that compose the health care system. Working with the New London Hospital to bring awareness to the health benefits of eating fresh, whole foods grown locally is just the beginning of our ambitions to bring local agriculture into the health care system.

Warner CAP office

The Warner CAP Office is the home of the Warner Food Pantry, a team of enthusiastic and hard-working folks who go above and beyond to help the Kearsarge area access local goods. They serve over 130 families in our area, and pay special attention to getting fresh fruits and veggies into the pantry. This is a highly valued partnership that helps us achieve our mission of increasing food access for all. 

Bradford Food pantry

The Bradford Food Pantry is open the third Wednesday of every month, during the evenings at the church on Main Street, Bradford. We value the opportunity to work with these guys to raise funds, make meals, and deliver fresh produce to the pantry. 


NH Food Alliance

The NH Food Alliance is a network coordinated by the UNH Sustainability Institute. They aim to "influence and shape the future of our emerging local food economy to build a food system that works for all in New Hampshire: people, businesses, communities, and the environment."